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If you’re on the prowl for information that will help make you a smarter consumer of heating and cooling products and services, you’ve come to the right space. Our blog is the ideal spot to discover HVAC tips that will help keep your indoor spaces comfortable and cozy and your energy costs and other HVAC-related expenses as low as possible.

What Are the Latest Freon Replacement Options?

Several Freon replacement options have been available since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began phasing out R-22 in 2010. Remaining production and import were banned as of January 1,…... Read Article

When Is the Cost of AC Repair Acceptable?

Knowing the high costs of AC repair, you may wonder when spending so much is acceptable. The average air conditioner repair is $400, not including service fees. A single major…... Read Article

11 Ways Your Home Is Showing You Need Sewage Line Repair

Professional sewage line repair addresses a serious issue like a sewer pipe leak, blockage, or collapse. It’s one of the most significant plumbing services you can need, as a problem…... Read Article

Is DIY Ductless AC Installation a Good Idea?

Attempting DIY ductless AC installation is not the best approach, even though a mini-split seems simpler than a central system. You may not achieve the efficiency and comfort improvements a…... Read Article

10 Important AC Installation Service Considerations

When hiring an AC installation service contractor, make sure they can meet your home cooling needs. It’s also important to know the new system will lower energy costs and last…... Read Article

Is It Possible to Find All the Pipes in My House?

The pipes in your house form a complex maze of channels. They can develop clogs, rust, or leaks over time; finding them can be a challenge when doing any repair…... Read Article

Gas Furnace Inspection Checklist

An annual furnace inspection can ensure your heating system works reliably all season. It can also improve energy efficiency, avoid expensive repairs, and add years to your furnace’s life. If…... Read Article

Alternatives to Replacing Your Heat Pump

It’s no secret that HVAC replacement is expensive. If you have a heat pump, you rely on it to heat or cool your home year-round, and know how costly it…... Read Article

The Importance of Coil Cleaning for Your HVAC System

If you have air conditioning, coil cleaning is an important HVAC maintenance step. The coils can easily get clogged with dirt and debris. Unless cleaned at least once a year,…... Read Article

How Often Should You Replace Air Filters?

Generally, HVAC companies and manufacturers suggest replacing air filters every 3 months. How often you change an air filter depends on a few factors. In this article, we’ll look at…... Read Article

How Long Does a Furnace Last?

Proper furnace maintenance can increase the lifespan of your heating system. The equipment can last 15 to 20 years, but various factors can shorten a furnace’s life. From the appliance…... Read Article

Why Should I Schedule Professional Duct Cleaning?

You should schedule professional duct cleaning for many reasons. While it’s not at the top of most AC maintenance lists, it can positively impact your home. Ductwork circulates heated and…... Read Article

Is Mini Split Installation a More Affordable Option?

Mini split installation can be more affordable than installing a traditional HVAC system. One reason is it doesn’t require running ductwork throughout your home. Operating costs, including energy bills and…... Read Article

Signs You Need Heating Repair Before It’s Too Late

There are numerous signs you need heating repair sooner rather than later. If it’s too late, your furnace or heat pump may have irreparable damage and have to be replaced.…... Read Article

Why Is DIY AC Maintenance Not Enough?

Examples of DIY AC maintenance include changing filters, cleaning vents, and clearing the space around the outdoor unit, but these are not enough to keep the system in great shape.…... Read Article

6 Tips on Planning for HVAC Replacement in Woodburn

As any homeowner who’s installed a heating and cooling system knows, planning for HVAC replacement in Woodburn can be daunting. Many people haven’t ever faced a complete HVAC system replacement.…... Read Article

Is It Too Early to Schedule HVAC Maintenance?

If you live in the Portland area, it’s not too early to schedule HVAC maintenance. Daily temperatures are already getting cooler. Soon, you’ll need to turn on your furnace or…... Read Article

A Guide to Ductwork Installation

Ductwork installation is a complicated process. But this guide will explain what it entails. We’ll break down the basic parts of a residential duct system and the steps required to…... Read Article

How Much Do Electrical Services Cost?

At Air Stars, we’re proud to offer 24/7 electrical services in Keizer, Salem, and surrounding areas in Oregon. Financing opportunities are available if you need, for example, electrical repairs, whole-home…... Read Article

Do I Need AC Repair Now?

When your air conditioner isn’t working properly, you can count on Air Stars, a leading HVAC company in the Willamette Valley, for professional AC repair. No air conditioner problem happens…... Read Article

When Am I Most Likely to Save on AC Replacement?

As your air conditioner ages, it may become less efficient yet still provide enough cooling to justify the decision to keep it. But planning for AC replacement has many benefits.…... Read Article

Should I Invest In Professional Duct Sealing?

Up to 30% of the air in ductwork can escape due to leaks, holes, and poor connections, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.¹ Damaged ducts can lose even more…... Read Article

How Does an AC Air Handler Differ from an Air Conditioner?

Most people have air conditioning. But not everyone knows an AC air handler and an air conditioner are different pieces of equipment. It’s important to know what each is when…... Read Article

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Keizer, OR

For most people, the term “air pollution” invokes images of highway traffic and smokestacks. But indoor pollution can be even worse. Common pollutants include carbon monoxide, chemicals from household cleaning…... Read Article

Does a Heat Pump Need an Air Handler?

Most heat pumps and AC systems come with an air handler, but not all do. For example, an electric heat pump may require purchasing one separately. To understand whether your…... Read Article

What Is Evaporative Cooling and Can It Improve Home Comfort?

Evaporative cooling is a natural process in which heat is applied to change liquid water to a vapor. Heat is removed from the remaining liquid during evaporation. Therefore, it can…... Read Article

What to Do Before Scheduling Air Conditioning Service in Keizer, OR

Air Stars is the contractor to call for AC repair in the Salem area. We quickly address emergencies. But just because your AC isn’t working right doesn’t always mean you…... Read Article

When Is It Time for a New Air Conditioning System?

Repairing an old air conditioner can be expensive. And the older your AC gets, the more frequently it will need repairs. Do you want to repeatedly pay to fix it…... Read Article

What Are the Main Components of an HVAC System?

You expect warm or cool air from your HVAC system. But do you know all the components it consists of? Knowing what these are and where they’re located helps if…... Read Article

How to Protect Exposed Plumbing

Exposed plumbing is vulnerable to cold temperatures. Water will freeze whenever the temperature drops to 32℉ or lower; when it does, it expands and pushes on a pipe from within.…... Read Article

Guide to Smart Thermostat Installation

Smart thermostats are one of the most popular hi-tech home gadgets. They let you control the temperature remotely and, depending on the model, it can learn your preferences and manage…... Read Article

Cost of Heat Pump Installation in Marion County

Compared to air conditioners and furnaces, heat pumps are more energy efficient. They move heat rather than generate it, plus you can use them throughout the year (a heat pump…... Read Article

How Are Lennox Solar Panels Connected to an HVAC Unit?

At Air Stars, we install AC and heating equipment from many top brands. This includes HVAC units that can be powered by Lennox solar panels. Lennox is known for its…... Read Article

How to Get the Most Out of Energy Star Heating and Cooling Systems

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), half of an average household’s energy bills (about $2,200) are spent on heating and cooling. Thus, there’s lots of room to save…... Read Article

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean the Air in Your Home

Indoor air pollution can include dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, cooking gases, chemicals, combustion by-products, and other contaminants. Their effects not only include discomfort. They can range from coughing, sore…... Read Article

Inflation Reduction Act and what we know so far.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 was signed into law by President Biden on August 16th, 2022, however, it does not start taking effect until 2023 at the earliest. The…... Read Article

Top Features in New Water Heaters

Invented in the late 1800s, and commonplace by the early 1910s, tank water heaters didn’t change much for decades. But the 21st century has seen innovations in design and efficiency.…... Read Article

How to Know Furnace Repair Isn’t Enough This Holiday Season

The heating season is here and your trusty furnace has been going for 10, 15, or even 20 years. You may be tempted to keep fixing it. But with the…... Read Article

What Are the Main Components of a Hydronic HVAC System?

The connection between HVAC and plumbing is often misunderstood. Standard central ACs and heaters are tied in with plumbing systems, especially when you consider condensate drains, refrigerant tubing, and how…... Read Article

How Does an Electric Load Service Center Differ from a Breaker Panel?

An electric load service center, or simply “load center”, is a service box that distributes power supplied by the utility company to the electrical circuits in your home. Does this…... Read Article

DIY vs. Hiring Electricians

Many people feel electrical work can be a DIY project. Sure, doing repairs yourself avoids paying labor costs, but the risks of doing so outweigh any potential benefits. Electricians are…... Read Article

Air Stars Guide: How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is a convenient appliance and helps keep your kitchen clean. But the unit itself must be cleaned from time to time. Otherwise, it can get clogged and…... Read Article

Who Invented Air Conditioning?

Even here in the Willamette Valley, most people rely on air conditioning for much of the year. Most people don’t think about the origins of AC, just that it helps…... Read Article

Tips for Saving on Heat Pump Repair Services

Tips for Saving on Heat Pump Repair Services Fixing a heat pump can mean paying a steep repair bill. According to HomeAdvisor, the national average for heat pump repair in…... Read Article

How to Maintain a Ductless Heating/Cooling Unit

A ductless air conditioner is extremely efficient, while being easier to install and more cost-effective over its lifespan than a central AC system. However, you’ll only benefit if your air…... Read Article

Why You Should Install a Daikin HVAC System

Daikin air conditioners are among the highest quality, most desirable HVAC systems on the market. The reputability of Daikin as a manufacturer and AC brand is appreciated by home and…... Read Article

Is a Separate Heat Pump Air Handler Necessary?

A separate air handler is typically required for an electric heat pump. The heat pump air handler delivers heating or cooling inside your home, while the outdoor unit of a…... Read Article

Why Is My Air Conditioner Dripping Water Outside?

Air conditioners sometimes leak water outside. Normally, this amounts to only a little condensation. It should dry up quickly, especially on a hot day. But if the leak persists, and…... Read Article

5 Summer Residential Plumbing Maintenance Tips

The summer season brings warm weather and the kids back from school until the start of the new academic year in the fall. Summer is normally associated with increased usage…... Read Article

Evaporative Cooling vs. Air Conditioning: Which Is Better?

Most people are familiar with traditional air conditioning systems, but many are seeking more energy efficient, environmentally friendly alternatives. An evaporative cooling system is one such option. Here, we’ll explain…... Read Article

Ways To Save On Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

When the summer months hit, the accompanying heat also comes along and forces us to use the AC more often. As a result, energy bills increase. Despite this expected sequence…... Read Article

Welcome to Air Stars’ Stellar New Website!

We Launched It to Better Serve You! Greetings, passengers! Welcome aboard! We can’t wait for you to explore our new online space. It’s designed to get you where you need…... Read Article

Rebranding as Air Stars

If you haven’t heard the news, Clean Energy Comfort (CEC) is rebranding as Air Stars Heating & Cooling. The idea started with a conversation about redesigning our van wraps. We…... Read Article

Touring the Trane Factory in Tyler, Texas

Recently we had the pleasure of touring the Trane factory in Tyler, Texas. We made the decision to partner up with Trane as a dealer, and touring the factory was…... Read Article

Clean Energy Comfort is Honored with Angie’s List Super Service Award 2015

We are very excited to announce that Clean Energy Comfort has once again been honored with the Super Service Award for 2015 in the HVAC category. Below is a press…... Read Article

Oil Furnace Service & Maintenance Training

Today we had a training session with our technicians on the basics of proper oil furnace service and maintenance. Our Senior Technician, Steve, is one of the few great oil…... Read Article

Heating & Cooling Tax Credits for 2016

A new year has begun, and with it, there are some updates to tax credits for heating & cooling products. The Oregon Residential Energy Tax Credit program has a couple…... Read Article

Fix Household Problems Without Spending a Dime

Save yourself a trip to the store and some money, too, by trying these smart work-arounds for common home-related gripes... Read Article

Resolutions Rescue: Clean Out The Refrigerator

Standing in line at the supermarket check stand, nobody can deny that we’re on the dreary downside of a new year. Tabloid headlines scream the weight-loss secrets of the stars,…... Read Article

Winter Preparedness Checklist

When wintry weather blows, will your family be prepared? Winter brings special seasonal challenges to an organized home. Winter storms can make navigating roads and walkways hazardous; power outages and…... Read Article

Lennox Solar-Ready Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

As a Lennox Dealer, we are very excited about the Lennox SunSource Solar-Ready heat pumps and air conditioners. Lennox has designed multiple heat pump and air conditioner options to plug…... Read Article

CEC Heating & Air Conditioning is Moving to Keizer

Around the 1st part of June, CEC Heating & Air Conditioning is moving to Keizer. We will be located at 3816 River Rd. N, directly across from Uptown Music. We…... Read Article

Lennox It Is

After careful consideration, and many meetings with multiple equipment manufacturers, we have decided to become a Lennox dealer. We decided to make a change, so that we can offer our…... Read Article

How Much Will a New Air Conditioner Cost?

If you are interested in adding air conditioning to your home this summer, one of the first questions you will ask is “how much will a new air conditioner cost?”…... Read Article

Common Sense Contracting

At Clean Energy Comfort, we apply a common sense approach to contracting. As a heating and air conditioning contractor, we hear all too often from our customers that they had…... Read Article

What Size Air Conditioner Will Work for My Home?

If you are in the market for a new air conditioner for your home, one of the most important questions to have answered is what size air conditioner you will…... Read Article

Article: Help Protect Your Home Against Burglary

There is no foolproof way to protect your home against a break-in, as a determined thief will find a way, but certain steps will help deter it.... Read Article

What is a Modulating Furnace?

A modulating furnace is the perfect gas furnace for our climate in the Willamette Valley. A modulating furnace has the ability to run at a very low heat setting, a…... Read Article

WiFi Connected Thermostats Offer Greater Control

In today’s world everything is becoming connected, so why would your thermostat be any different? WiFi connected thermostats for your home allow you to monitor and control your heating and…... Read Article

What is a Two Stage Furnace?

Have you heard of a two stage furnace, but are not quite sure what that is? A two stage furnace is simply a gas furnace that has two heat settings,…... Read Article

Lower Your Energy Costs on St. Patrick’s Day

5 Ways to Save Green with Lower Energy Costs on St. Patrick’s Day, and Beyond First of all, happy St. Patrick’s Day to you. Hope that you are having a…... Read Article

WiFi Connected Thermostats for Your Home

WiFi Connected Thermostats Offer Greater Control In today’s world everything is becoming connected, so why would your thermostat be any different? WiFi connected thermostats for your home allow you to…... Read Article

Connected Thermostats for Your Home

In today’s world everything is becoming connected, so why would your thermostat be any different? A Wi-Fi connected thermostat for your home allows you to monitor and control your home’s…... Read Article

To Double Space or Not to Double Space?

How many of you out there were taught to type with a double space after the punctuation to end a sentence?  <- See example. With the exception of the double…... Read Article

Ductless Heat Pump Rebates

There have been some great ductless heat pump rebates available from utilities in Oregon and Washington for a few years now. Homes that have electric zonal heat, such as baseboard,…... Read Article

Introducing New Furnaces From Rheem

It has been long awaited, but the wait is coming to a close, and it appears to have been worth it. Rheem is rolling out their new furnace line, and…... Read Article

Ductless Mini Splits – Whole House Heating and Cooling

Ductless Mini Splits to Heat & Cool Your Whole House We are continually impressed with the heating and cooling abilities of ductless mini split systems. We have done entire houses…... Read Article

Heating and Cooling Talk

Let’s Talk Heating and Cooling Wanting to learn more about Clean Energy Comfort, or have general questions about heating and cooling?  We will be featured on the Home & Garden…... Read Article

Blog Post: Cleaning Up After Our Furry Friends – Dyson DC41 Review

As us pet owners are well aware, it can be a task to remove the pet hair and dander that quickly accumulate in our homes. Fortunately, the Dyson DC41 Animal…... Read Article

Ductless Heat Pump – How’s it Going to Look?

What will the indoor unit on my ductless heat pump system look like on my living room wall? I talk to many homeowners about a ductless heat pump as a…... Read Article

Rheem Instant Savings Promotion

Save up to $1,200 Instantly From March 15th to June 15th, 2013, homeowners can take advantage of a Rheem Instant Rebate that offers savings up to $1,200 with the purchase…... Read Article

Springtime in Oregon, and Nature’s Reminders

A beautiful mid-March day in Oregon is the perfect reminder of what a great place we live.  The darkness and rain give way, for a brief moment, to allow us…... Read Article

Are Ductless Heat Pumps Really That Efficient?

The short answer is yes, they are.  For a more detailed demonstration on the efficiency of ductless heat pump systems, I point you to a case study we started over…... Read Article

Useful Info if You’re in the Market for a Central Air Conditioner This Summer

Have you been thinking of having central air conditioning installed, but just haven’t known where to start, or what to look for? You’re not alone.  I hear it from customers…... Read Article

Cool Products For Your Heating and Cooling System

Most people aren’t aware of just how many different accessory products are available for a heating and cooling system, whether it be related to safety and health, comfort, energy savings,…... Read Article

What to look for in a new furnace

In the market for a new furnace? So you’re in the market for a new furnace, but you’re not quite sure what features you should be looking for. To answer…... Read Article

Will a ductless heat pump work in my home?

Mitsubishi Wall Mounted Unit If you’re wondering whether or not a ductless heat pump will work in your home, the answer is more than likely yes. With the wide variety…... Read Article

Should I have my heating and air conditioning system maintained?

Preventative maintenance for a heating and air conditioning system is something that is often times overlooked. Some homeowners choose not to pay any attention to their heating and cooling system…... Read Article

Spring is upon us!

It’s that time of year.  The temperature is gradually creeping up, and the trees are starting to bloom.  With the trees and flowers blooming, allergies become a concern for a…... Read Article

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